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We are from Partenen Montafon Vorarlberg Austria Europe Planet Earth!


Picture: Wiegensee, Partenen im Montafon

About us

Our Mission and Vision

Commonly available technologies which are used for horticulture applications are becoming outdated due to the development of LED-Solutions. With the use of LED, it is possible to create grow lights, specially designed for cultivation projects.  Plants interact with light, and each wavelength (colour) has a specialized task. Only by changing the light it is possible to alter the plant’s morphology (size, internode distance) ingredients, cultivation time and much more…

We combine a passion for Engineering and Plant Science (Botanic)  in order to create full-spectrum, highly efficient led grow lights for a fair price

" The aim is to develop, state of the art, high-quality, reasonably priced lighting solutions for horticulture applications with a sustainable value chain"
Julian hortiOne GmbH
Ing. Julian Klehenz
hortiONE GmbH

 Corporate Culture, Ethics and Values

Creating Solutions for horticulture applications means being part of one of the most important challenges in our decade or millennium. Sustainable and stable Plant production is becoming more and more important. Increasing environmental and climate instability underlines the need for sustainable products to overcome this issue. Offering a positive contribution to this challenge is the main aim.

Harming the environment or disrupting the balance of our ecosystem is a price we are not willed to pay for monetary profits!

Everything, what is against nature, will not last for long
Charles Darwin
partner ans relations

Partnerships and Relations


We are not looking for clients, we team up with business partners.

Working united as a team leads to long term relationships and success! There is always a chance to create a WIN-WIN Situation! Together we achieve more for our Business and Plants!


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