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The Art of Growing Indoors

fair price

less is more - high quality LED grow light for a fair price


high efficacy & low power consumption

fElement 11

Wide Range

grow salads, microgreensas well as fruits and flowers.



The perfect grow light for small and medium indoor grow rooms.

130W LED grow board


Long (835mm) LED grow board for big cultivation areas.

2x hortiONE 592, with a total consumption of 380W, replace a 600W HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) lamp based on PPF.

~36% of energy savings

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hortiOne is developed, manufacturedassembled in Europe

Our features

fElement 8PAR

extensive light output

high PAR

Increased active components

A higher level, compared to HPS lights

Decrease cultivation time

Shorten the time until harvest

fElement 11

All Plants, all Stages

Wide range of applications.



Unique design including a reflector for

hortiOne Spectrum - absorption curves

Trigger All Systems

100% Designed to grow plants

  • Photosynthesis and Chlorophylls, natural power plants. Convert light energy to chemical energy.
  • Phytochromes, the photoreceptors and photoperiodism
  • carotenoides, pigments responsible for colors
fElement 4


Broadband Spectrum LED grow light (380-760nm)


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Drehandel and hortiONE start first distribution-partnership

Austrian manufacturer cooperates with German wholesaler for Distribution. hortiONE GmbH (AT) develops and produces LED grow boards with a focus on innovation and quality. The products, hortiONE 368 and hortiONE 592 are new quantum board-like LED boards/panels with some extras. Drehandel GmbH (DE) is a wholesaler of garden and greenhouse technology and supplies retail and…

McCree – photosynthetic active radiation

McCree – Action Spectrum Author links open overlay panelK. J. McCree Institute of Life Science and Biology Department, Texas A and M University, College Station, Texas U.S.A. Spectral quantum yields The aim of these measurements is to provide a factual basis for a standard definition o f “photosynthetically active radiation”. The need for a standard …

Lighting terminology Part 1 – PAR, PPF & PPFD

Plant VS Human lighting terminology Important lighting termininology, terms and units Light for Plants Light for Humans PAR Photosynthetic Active Radiation Radation between 400 and 700 nm (nanometer) of the solar spectrum can be used by phototropic organism, like plants to drive photosynthesis. This radation is called photosynthetic active Radiation or PAR. Visible Light Radation…

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Sunlight Light interaction with Plants Nature

Sunlight spectrum


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