Fair price

less is more - high quality LED grow light for a fair price


high efficacy & low power consumption

fElement 11

Wide Range

grow salads, microgreens as well as fruits and flowers.



The perfect grow light for small and medium indoor grow rooms.

130W LED grow board




Long (835mm) LED grow board for big cultivation areas.

2x hortiONE 592, with a total consumption of 380W, replace a 600W HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) lamp based on PPF.

~36% of energy savings

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hortiOne is developed assembled in Europe

What's NEW V2 Series

New Wire

Strain Relief & Waterproof Connector to Driver

New Design

Improved Circiut Layout and slimmer Design


SET & Dimming

All Lamps in a one cardbox

Dimmable (not included!)


Our features

fElement 8PAR

extensive light output

high PAR

fElement 4

Broadband Spectrum

Broadband Spectrum LED grow light (380-760nm)

fElement 11

All Plants, all Stages

Wide range of applications.



Unique design including a reflector for

hortiOne Spectrum - absorption curves

Trigger All Systems

100% Designed to grow plants

  • Photosynthesis and Chlorophylls, natural power plants. Convert light energy to chemical energy.
  • Phytochromes, the photoreceptors and photoperiodism
  • Carotenoides, pigments responsible for colors


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Convert LUX to PPFD Converting LUX (Lumen/m²) to PPFD Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density. The Conversion-factor is depending on the light spectrum.  Note: a higher value does not indicate a better or more efficient light source. LUX / light-meter are much less expensive than a quantum spectrometer to measure PPFD. Also, every state of the art…

LED Test, Performance and Chemical resistance Seoul 3030C Vs SAMSUNG LM301 B/H

MID-POWER LED Comparison : Seoul 3030C vs SAMSUNG LM301 B/H Before hortiONE released the first product, we created numerous prototypes and carried out tests with different LEDs on the 3030 platform. Seoul and SAMSUNG provided the best performance on this platform. That’s why these two types have been reviewed and tested in more detail. Performance…

Light Spectrum and absorption curves for horticulture

Light Spectras and Absorption Curves for horticulture When we talk about plants and their interaction with light, we mostly talk about photosynthesis. But this is only a small part of the story, there are numerous other mechanisms controlled by light.  This article aims to help understanding the different mechanisms. Due to the complexity, we just…