hortiONE 600 420 LED GROW LIGHTS

The Art of growing Indoors

Fair price

less is more - high quality LED grow light for a fair price


high efficacy & low power consumption

fElement 11

Wide Range

grow salads, microgreens as well as fruits and flowers.

2 Products



The perfect grow light for small and medium indoor grow rooms.

60x60cm / 80x80cm

150W LED grow board


Long (940mm) LED grow board for big cultivation areas.

2x hortiONE 600, with a total consumption of 440W, replace a 600W HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) lamp based on PPF.

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hortiOne is developed assembled in Europe

Modular endless options

Our features

fElement 8PAR

extensive light output

high PAR

fElement 4

Broadband Spectrum

Broadband Spectrum LED grow light (380-760nm)

fElement 11

All Plants, all Stages

Wide range of applications.



Unique design including a reflector for

hortiOne Spectrum - absorption curves

Trigger All Systems

100% Designed to grow plants

  • Photosynthesis and Chlorophylls, natural power plants. Convert light energy to chemical energy.
  • Phytochromes, the photoreceptors and photoperiodism
  • Carotenoides, pigments responsible for colors


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