hortiONE Knob Bluetooth BLE Dimmer

hortiONE Knob-bluetooth-dimmer

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hortiONE Knob-bluetooth-dimmer

horitONE Dimmer Knob & Bluetooth can simultaneously control up to 3 LED drivers. hortiONE 420 / 600 models are plug & play. The supply voltage comes either directly from a driver with 12V AUX. If this is not available, a USB charger with USB-A interface can be used. Thus, the dimmer is compatible with all 0-10V dimmable drivers. Included are 3 cables for hortiONE LED. These can optionally be removed and all compatible drivers can be connected (DiY). There are 3 function modes: 1. KNOB, 2. Bluetooth (Directly from smartphone to dimmer) with timing and Sunrise / Sunset function. 3. Bluetooth with gateway (Smart) so the dimmer can be controlled via a cloud and also connected to external sensors.

hortiONE Knob-bluetooth-Dimmer

Bluetooth Antenna

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– 20% – 40% – 60% – 80% – 100%
Wireless (Bluetooth)

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Connect up to 3 LED driver

Connect up to 3 LED driver
Plug & Play for hortiONE LED 420/600

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Optional Connector for LED driver without 12V Aux port

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Key Features

Optional Power Supply via USB for LED driver without 12VAUX port.
Also, without any cloud Connection, multiple dimmers can be organized in groups and regulated simultaneously.


Input LED driver 12V AUX or powered by USB +5V
Output 0-10 VDC
Maimum dimming load 100mA
Channel 1
Number of connections 3: Can connect up to 3 LED driver
MAx ambient temperature 50°C
Warranty 2 years
Dimensions 130x68x34mm

Knob - Dimming

hortiONE Knob-bluetooth-dimmer hortiONE Dimmer front illu@2x 8 1
  • Power Off

    Dimm to off

  • Diming in steps

    20 - 40 - 60 - 80 - 100 %

  • No Wireless connection

    Bluetooth is deactivated and no signal is emitted.

Bluetooth direct

hortiONE Knob-bluetooth-dimmer hortiONE Dimmer Bluetooth direct@2x 8 2
  • App Control

    Bluetooth Connection to tuya App (free) inside the reading range

  • Stepless dimming

    1 - 100 %

  • Sunrise / Sunset

    Up to 2h sunrise and sunset as well as time control (SDP/LDP)

Bluetooth, BLE via gateway

hortiONE Knob-bluetooth-dimmer hortiONE tuya Cloud@2x 8 3
  • App & remote Control

    Bluetooth Connection to 3rd party Gatwey. light can be controlled via internet / cloud

  • Stepless dimming

    1 - 100 %

  • Sunrise / Sunset

    Up to 2h sunrise and sunset as well as time control (SDP/LDP)

  • smart home - IoT

    Connect your LED grow light with external sensor (e.g. light, humidity, temperature, Co2). Control your LED based on sensor values.

Plug & Play for hortiONE 420 / 600 LE

All cables are included and already connected to the dimmer. These only have to be connected to the driver (Plug n Play)


Compatible with all 0-10V dimmable LED drivers.

The cables for hortiONE can be removed and 3rd party drivers can be connected.


Driver without 12V AUX connection

Optional: a USB power supply can be used for drivers without a 12V AUX port. (USB Type B)

hortiONE Knob-bluetooth-dimmer Dimmer Connection No12V@4x 8 4