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Customer needs vary tremendously.  Small Cabinets or big open Areas Energy-saving or high Yield (Co2) setups. With only 2 Models you can satisfy any customer needs while you do not have to stock a dedicated product for each of them. 

Low stock for you as a reseller, countless options for your clients

Our Service for reseller

Quality Support

We do not sell to end-customer directly. Our aim is to offer high-quality support to our reselling and distribution partner, instead of being your own competitor. The incoming request will be forwarded to you.

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Marketing and Sales-Support in your Area

  • Showroom equipment
  • Marketing Support based on your needs
  • Listing as an authorized dealer
  • Social sharing (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn,..)
  • Merchandise
  • PR-Infos, Pictures and Information in different languages

Made in Austria

We develop and manufacture our products in Austria. Some parts are manufactured in Europe. We focus on a sustainable and local value chain in order to guarantee high quality.

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We work with different shipping providers to guarantee fast and cost-efficient shipping for any order amount.

Located in central Europe, fast shipping

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