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hortiONE + Flexo Grow by FridgeGrow

FridgeGrow is an Austrian Company which develops, designs and manufactures smart grow controller. Merging the world of IoT (Internet of Things) with indoor plant cultivation.  With an extensive set of additional equipment, you can automate your grow tent or fridge and create fully automated grow box. Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) in a box!

FridgeGrow offers now a Plug & Play Dimming controller for your hortiONE V3 (420,600) LED. 

What is Fridge Grow or Flexo Grow


Convert your “old” Fridge into a fully automated and hermetically sealed grow cabinet. 

The Fridge Grow Controller is designed to monitor and regulate all parameters ( Co2, VPD, Temperature, Light,…)  needed to grow healthy plants. 


While FridgeGrow controller are tested and designed for the special needs inside a Fridge, FlexoGrow offers the same functionality for different types of grow cabinets and indoor grow rooms

FlexoGrow Features at a glance

FlexoGrow by FridgeGrow + hortiONE - Smart Growing in a box FridgeGrow FeatureOverview 1
  • CO2 flooding
  • full control – Co2, temperature, humidity
  • secure data through offline use
  • modularly expandable
  • gentle drying
  • Everything wireless
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • remote access
  • free app

In order to understand the entire functionality, visit

FlexoGrow Dimmer for hortiONE V3 LED

Plug & Play dimmer hortiONE V3 LED

Combine your hortiONE420 or hortiONE600 with your FlexoGrow system using the new hortiONE FlexoGrow Dimmer!

The Custom designed dimmer is Plug n Play and can control up to 3 LED grow lights.

The combination of the LED with the FridgeGrow dimming box can automatically dim, thus dynamically adapting to the desired temperature, simulates sunrise and sunset and also gets extensive monitoring.


FlexoGrow Controller for hortiONE LED
FlexoGrow by FridgeGrow + hortiONE - Smart Growing in a box FlexoGrow 2
Sample: 2x hortiONE 420 with DrigeGrow Dimming Unit

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