Optimal growth for social clubs: hortiONE offers LED project planning with light simulation

At hortiONE, we understand how important it is to create the right conditions for growing high-quality cannabis. That’s why we are pleased to introduce our latest service: LED plant planning with simulation under RELUX, specifically tailored to your needs.

Our LED lighting systems are renowned for their quality and efficiency. Now we take it a step further by offering you comprehensive system planning with the help of advanced RELUX simulation. Here are some reasons why this service can be invaluable for your cannabis cultivation projects in Germany:

Customised solutions

Our experts create customised lighting plans tailored to the specific needs of your cannabis cultivation. Contact us at any time so that we can create a professional lighting concept for you.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

Examples of light simulation (RELUX)

Beispiele für Simulationen mit der Software: RELUX

Efficiency and cost savings

With RELUX simulations, we optimise energy consumption and maximise light output, resulting in significant cost savings.

Watt only describes the amount of your electricity bill! A high efficacy (µmol/J) describes how much light [µmol/s) you get per watt or. However, more is not always more. Your gram per watt ratio will tend to increase with lower light intensities (µmol/m²s). In contrast, the gram per m² (yield per area) ratio will tend to increase with more light.

Yield: gram per watt – cost saving / gram per m² – yield increase

Quality and yield:

Through precise lighting optimisation, we maximise the output of your facility, according to your specifications.

The high light quality of our products effectively controls all biological processes. With suitable environmental variables (VPD, fertiliser, etc.), high-quality end products can be produced.

At hortiONE, we are proud to support Cannabis Social Clubs in Germany with their cultivation project. If you would like to learn more about our plant planning service or have specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you achieve your cultivation goals.

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Trust hortiONE for world-class facility planning and lighting simulation that will take your cannabis cultivation project to the next level.

Your hortiONE team

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