Cultivation of high quality cuttings using near to full-spectrum LED

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    different phenotypes (strains)

About Seoul Semiconductor

Seoul Semiconductor develops and commercializes LEDs for horticulture, general illumination, automotive, specialty lighting, and backlighting markets. As the second-largest LED manufacturer globally excluding the captive market, Seoul Semiconductor holds more than 10,000 patents, offers a wide range of technologies, and mass produces innovative LED products such as SunLike, WICOP, NanoDriver and nPola among many others.

The Problem:

A new shop and cultivation location is planned. Beside a selected assortment of well known and tested equipment, a new cultivation area for high quality young cannabis plants will be setup. The equipment used for cultivation is available in the shop for the customer.
A high-quality standard for the cultivated plants is required while the costs for the Lamp as well as running costs like electricity and maintenance must remain low. DrGreen conducted a test using hortiONE 592 LED grow light to test and qualify a possible use.


Cost-efficient LED to be used for young plant production.
Closer to Full-Spectrum LED-light for natural growth with natural colour rendering of the plants.

  • LED-Cost / m² – Lifetime and consumption
  • High product-quality (plants) which includes:
    • Stable propagation and root development
    • Proper stem thickness and internode distance.
    • Healthy plants. Overall healthiness
  • Cultivation-time (propagation time or rooting of cuttings)
  • Natural development of the plant
    Reproducible process

The Solution

hortiONE 592 uses 576x white-spectrum mid-power LEDs from Seoul Semiconductor (SSC). The 3030 Series has one of the highest industry standards in photosynthetic photon Efficacy (PPE) with a near to full-spectrum (neutral white, CRI80) Colour. (Seoul Semiconductor, 2020). The Lamp also uses 16x high-power Hyper red LEDS at 660nm leading to a total amount of 592 LEDs. The test has been carried out at the already existing setup with known Plants genetics (strains) and cultivation methods in order to be able to compare the results with other LED-Types.

hortiONE 592 LED grow light

Modell: hortiONE 592
Consumption: 190W
PPF: (400-800nm): 500µmol/s
Efficacy 2.7 µmol/J


hortiONE Spectrum

The Plants germinated / rooted quickly and created a healthy root-system.

Cuttings - Success Story hortiONE at DrGreen DrGreen roots 1

During cultivation, the Shape of the Plant (Morphogenesis) developed naturally and healthy. The
focus was lying on an adequate stem-thickness and relatively short internodes. A long internode
distance also referred as elongation or luxuriant growth indicates too low light intensities or an
imbalances red to blue ratio.

Cuttings - Success Story hortiONE at DrGreen IMG 20210707 081648 2

The near to Full-Spectrum LED led to an overall healthy and natural grown plant as required. All
tested plants developed with the desirable outcome. Constant results with a variety of different
plant-genetics are very important as the cultivation area must be able to work with a variety of
different strains.

“Plants cultivated with hortiONE LED looked natural and healthy, similar to other high-Quality LED but for a lower price”
CEO, DrGreen


After Successfully testing hortiONE 592 in the field. The new cultivation room was fully equipped
using this luminaire. The broadband Spectrum with a neutral-white light and a high Colour
Rendering index of (80) shows the natural colour of the plants in the cultivation showroom. Due to
the cost-efficient design of the grow-panel compared with the high photon-efficacy of the used LED-
Chip, the new equipped cultivation room creates high quality products with a significant decrease of
purchase and running costs.
Both Models: hortiONE 368 and hortiONE 592 can be bought in DrGreens grow shops.


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