Austrian manufacturer cooperates with German wholesaler for Distribution.

  • hortiONE GmbH (AT) develops and produces LED grow boards with a focus on innovation and quality.
  • The products, hortiONE 368 and hortiONE 592 are new quantum board-like LED boards/panels with some extras.
  • Drehandel GmbH (DE) is a wholesaler of garden and greenhouse technology and supplies retail and commercial facilities.
  • Drehandel stands for reliability and quality and offers a high level of service competence and experience.

Drehandel GmbH, based in Germany has been the official distribution partner for the LED grow boards manufactured by hortiONE GmbH in Austria, since January 2020. The wholesaler with many years of experience is the first official distributor of the two products: hortiONE 368 and hortiONE 592. The number of the name stands for the number of LEDs installed. hortiONE develops innovative and reasonable priced LED plant lights with high effectiveness/efficacy (efficacy is a measure for describing the usable light output per power unit). The boards are comparable to the so-called Quantum-Boards®, however, chips from Seoul are mixed with OSRAM OSLON square hyper-red. The board is also angled by 45 ° and acts as a reflector to increase the amount of diffuse

Through this partnership, we want to ensure high product and service quality to the customer with a view to a sustainable value chain

Ing. Julian Klehenz (CEO, hortiONE GmbH)

Drehandel has successfully placed new brands on the market in recent years. The experience already gained with the sale of high-quality LED-based plant exposures supports the decision to establish another, inexpensive, high-quality product on the market. After a long product development and test phase, distribution starts in Germany and the product release date is defined as 04.2020.

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hortiONE GmbH
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Drehandel GmbH
Dirk Rehan
Libauer Str. 17
10245 Berlin, Deutschland
+49 30 43203484